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Keßler von Sprengseysen - Wappen
Christine Keßler von Sprengseysen
Mülheim an der Ruhr, 2009


Contents Page
Preamble 1
Expression of thanks 2
Coat of Arms "Keßler von Sprengseysen" 3
The Name Keßler 15
Genealogy   20
The tin founder Keßler 27
The Keßler in Bernburg (Saale) 29
Chronicle of the company „L. Keßler & Sohn“ in Bernburg (Saale) 32
The Keßlerturm in changing times 72
Parforcehaus 102
The Keßlervillas 110
Biographies 122
Carrying the name „Keßler“ today (so far as known) 166
Publications by and about members of the family 167
Get acquainted with Bernburg (Saale) 183
Baalberge 194

The grammar in earlier publications, biographies and articles has been abided by.