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The Keßlervilla


Annenstraße 5

Mason Scharf builds the house 1888/89. Around 1920 the plant owner Dr. Arthur Keßler bought the villa. In 1927 he had the –today unique-front newly styled by the architect Fritz Bunse. The whole building is classified „Individual Monument“.







The „missing window“ of the library

Family Keßler submitted in September 2008  a request asking the Bernburger Wohnstätten GmbH to clarify the whereabouts of the window

Karl-Liebknechtstraße (former Sedanstraße)

Georg Keßler had the „Keßlervilla“ built in 1927. Today the villa hosts a home for children and youth: „kids e.EV.“.

In 1995 the villa was given its original name again: „Keßlervilla“after the Nationalsozialisten as well as the State Security of the former DDR had seized the villa.



The coat of arms above the entrance was designed by Theodor, the brother of Georg.

The dilettantly repaired lead-window, where only the middle glass-plate the „Keßlerturm“remained .

Lead window


the family Keßler will try to have at least the remaining parts of the window protected.
    Inside, formerly the entrance hall, a door leads to the washroom for boys, here behind the window. The window is neither from the inside nor from the outside protected against damage


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