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The Keßler-family and Parforcehaus

It is presumed that Duke Leopold IV Friedrich (01.10.1794 – 22.05.1891 Dessau), „Poldi“ as called by the family, met Alwine Kohl, the mother of Ottilie Keßler, during one of his hunting parties in Upper Silesia. The grandfather of Alwine Sebastian Kohl was in service of the Saxonian Countdom in Falkenberg/OS.

The Duke could not have an illegitimate daughter at court and forced Theodor Schröter, who was in his service, to marry the mother Alwine and adopt the daughter Ottilie. This compulsory marriage was connected with the order to leave Bernburg; it is presumed that Theodor Schröter got the kurhaus Alexisbad/Harz, whether as owner, for leasing or management is not known.  After the marriage of the adopted Ottilie with pastor Gustav Keßler, the youngest son of Ludwig Keßler, founder of „L. Keßler & Sohn“, and greatgrandfather of Christine Keßler, Theodor Schröter returned to Bernburg and acquired the Parforcehaus.


Documentation Lilo Keßler

According to documents in the city archive Bernburg, April 2008, Theodor Schröter managed the Parforcehaus from 1872 until at the longest 1879.

Announments in the newspaper Bernburger Wochenblatt, Jahrgang 1879 W. Ohlhoff is named as owner of the Parforcehausest; for example he announced for Sunday July 6th and Sunday July 13th 1879 “Dancing, pancakes and eggs sunny side up” in the Parforcehaus.


Parforcehaus, Aderstedter Straße, 2008

Parforcehaus china

Parforcehaus-coffee dishes

History of Parforcehaus


During the renovation of the Parforcehaus and excavation this china was found, very well possible from the end of the 19th century, it is now exhibited in the entrance.

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