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The Keßlerturm in Changing Times


The Keßlerturm am Friedrichshang, Bernburg was dedicated on October 16th 1913 at 10:30AM



Letter to the city council Bernburg concerning the donation of a sightseeing tower at the Friedrichshang (a hill)

Lilo Keßler, Carl-Heinz Schmidt, Joachim Grossert: Recherchen, documents and picture postcards Keßlerturm; Kris Park, Jochen  von Nathusius and Jochen Fricke: Fotos

The crowning completion of all improvement measures was the dedication-celebration of the Keßlerturm on October 16th 1913, in the morning 10:30. Going up allowed in the afternoons from 13:00 -16:00 will be free until October 20th...


Keßlerstraße Waldklinik

. . . begins at the stop of the park-train: foot walk to the Keßlerturm

A request by Christine Keßler von Sprengseysen was submitted to Bernburger Freizeit GmbH dated September 200, to correct the spellingof the name with “ß” instead of ss: Keßler on public sign.

We are allowed again

In April 1961 an order from „the council of the city Bernburg“was given to the caretaker of employees of the „Lebenshilfe Bernburg GmbH“(life relief Bernburg Corp.), Mr. Gaedecke:

Taking photos from the tower is forbidden. Cameras have to be confiscated during the mounting of the tower.
Mounting the tower is forbidden for visitors from capitalistic foreign countries.

We climb the 88 steps and reach the platform of the 26m (measured from the street) res. 28m (measured from the slope) high Keßler-Turm.


In beautiful sunshine we enjoy the sightseeing towards the castle of Bernburg, the plant Solvay and the wind park Aderstedt

Bernburg castle



Roland Kleinpeter, September 2008

City archive: H. Brenk, Stadtarchivar, Stadt Bernburg (Saale)


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