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The Keßler in Bernburg (Saale)


Keßler in Bernburg

The first Keßler settling in Bernburg was the son of Arnold Keßler, Zörbig, Johann Gottfried Keßler:

Church book

Church book 1754-1812, † 23.1.1756 of EV. St. Marien, Talstadt Bernburg (Saale) entry 8.



Grave monument family Ludwig Keßler „Alte Bibel“
Design by brother mason Bunse, Lodge „Alexius zur Beständigkeit“, Bernburg

the lodge has been terminated


Foto Roland Kleinpeter, Bernburg October 2008


The plate is mounted on the wall behind the monument (space between approx. 30cm).

The churchyard number I , which is until today called „Alte Bibel“ because of the numerous biblical text on grave stones was redesigned as city park in 1886 .

later burials of family members with special permission


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