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The Name Keßler


Origin of the Kessler

Family names established around 1200, as the population grew and persons could not clearly be identified by their Christian names. Thus the second name was created according to special characteristics and was inheritable.
Kessler is the old description of copper-smith and as such the family name Kessler may have been created based on the heritage of the profession thru many generations. The spelling of the family name is a process of centuries; the final spelling of a name was first documented after 1600.
We find different variations of the name Kessler, such as Kesler, Kisler, Keseler etc. In any case there are many Kessler, because their profession was important at that time: they made all kitchen dishes, mostly out of copper. Kettles, pots and dishes were hammered out of copper. There were professional copper smiths in Germany already in early times. Since 1200 they had different preferences and privileges. They maintained the knight’s armaments, helmets and harnesses, making them indispensable in every retinue. Surely they roved about in various war-trains and got to know many countries.
Numerous families have derived their heritable name due to the long tradition of this profession. Especially in Southern Germany the name is widespread. Tradition records our family originates in Switzerland. As it was en vogue during the time of the Reformation translating names into Latin, partially Kessler was latinazed in Ahenarius (Latin: ahenum = Kettle, ahenus = brazen, out of copper).

In alpine countries the name derived from the definition: the one living in the basin of a valley.

Artur Keßler jun.