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Coat of Arms „Keßler von Sprengseysen“


Christian, Wolffgang, Hans, Paul received the Wappenbrief (letter of coat of arms) for faithful services on 20.03.1571 from Maximilian II (1564 – 1576 German Emperor).
(coat of arms in color on three bare rocks a yellow lion with red tongue, holding in his front paws a “speckled iron” – ring of a kettle -; the lion upright like in the coat of arms. Coat and badge: blue, gold).
Almost all ancestors were kettle maker and tin masters, at first residing in Switzerland.

 „Keßler, genannt Sprengseisen, Keßler von Sprengseisen, Sprengseisen
(in Blue a golden lion turned to the right side, which holds in front in his front paws one in the middle broken iron rod. The top of it is held by the right front paw in diagonal-left direction (Ann.: see foot note 5), the end is held straight downward from the right front paw.
According to the coat of arms there are in blue in the shield next to each other three earth colored rugged mountains; on the outer mountain stands a lion holding a speckled iron (the ring of a kettle).
„Christian, Wolffgang, Hans and Paul, the Keßler von Sprengseisen, all brothers“, received the coat of arms for faithful services aso, from K. Maximilian II., d. Schloss Prag, on 20. March 1571, a hereditary coat of arms. – An aristocratic family coming from Böhmen during the second half of the 17th Century to the Ober-Lausitz, where they were very successfully engaged until the middle of the 18thCentury.

Keßler von Sprengseisen
Ev.–Progenitur is Johann Georg Keßler, documentary 1730, Hzgl. Sächs. Kammersekretär zu Neustadt an der Orla (civil service). – Schwarzb.-rudolst. Adelsstand mit „von Sprengseisen“ (aristocracy: „von Sprengseisen“) Rudolstadt 18.10.1776 (for the before mentioned J.G.K.´s son Christian Friedrich Keßler, nachm. Hzgl.sächs.-mein. Obersten and OMarschkommissar (military ranks).

Coat of Arms (1776): in blue on natural three-mountain a double-tailed golden lion holding a convex iron rod in his front paws, on blue-golden shield an upright standing lion.

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