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Expression of thanks


Recognition is due to everybody helping with my research and formulating the chronic “Keßler von Sprengseysen”. A special thanks to Artur Keßler, Lilo Keßler and Martin Nathusius for their contributions but mostly to Cousin Jochen Engelhard von Nathusius for his company on the „numerous ways of a family in the Saale-city”, his tips, advice, pictures and viewing left-over’s.
I also express my thanks to my friends in Bernburg, Carl-Heinz Schmidt, Roland and Brigitte Kleinpeter and Joachim Grossert. They helped in an untiring way enabling
articles, archaic photos and historical data as well as providing contact to institutions in Bernburg, who again helped to enrich this chronic.
Thanks also to the ladies of the Stadtbibliothek (city library) and the administration of the churchyards Bernburg, the offices of the parish StAegidien and StMartin, Bernburg, and Mrs. Schmidt, Kulturamt Bernburg.
Eckhard Scholz, Baalberge, deserves thanks for his information and excursion in the church Baalberge as well as the transfer of church-books from my great-grandfathers home to the church and his contribution to the chronic of Baalberge.
With historic documents, translation of these and dia of the coat of arms, Mr. Karl Eichhorn has contributed in a valuable and lovable way to the knowledge of our family.
Last not least I´am glad to mention, that all archives contacted in Bernburg, Opeln/Poland, Praha/Czechoslovakia, Hannover, Kiel, Zerbst, Dessau, Zörbig, Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Brügge, St.Gallen/Switzerland, Saalfeld (Saale) also Christian-Weise-Bibliotheca Zittau, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Bibliotheca Berlin, Institute for Adelsforschung and various Antiques, have given information or help in my research. Received documents are saved in my family archive.

I was asked to publish this chronic in 2011 during the 1050Anniversary of Bernburg (Saale) in the course of another reading. Thus the chronic is not only a presentation of a family biography but also homage to our father´s city Bernburg (Saale).


Christine Keßler von Sprengseysen

Mülheim an der Ruhr, September 2009