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Bernburg – for many readers only a spot on the map, a city at the river Saale – for me the home of the family Keßler. In 1830 Louis (Ludwig) Keßler, my great-grandfather foundde the firm „L. Keßler“, later „L.Keßler&Sohn“. At first they produced tin figures, toys and dishes, later lead-pipes for water works, then pipes for steam engines and last not least pipes for airplanes (Junkers). This production however ended with the end of 2nd World War.
Offsprings of Ludwig Keßler reside all over Germany in foreign countries too.
Until 1935 – the year Gustav Keßler, the youngest son of Ludwig Keßler, died – there were frequent family reunions of the line Gustav Keßler. For example we met at his “Golden Wedding Anniversary”, his 90th birthday and his “Diamond Wedding Anniversary”, at that time very unusual to live to see those anniversaries.
As a child I was in Bernburg every year and keep many relatives in very good memory. Unforgettable memories of the family are up to now the Keßlerturm, the Keßlerstraße, the station of the Parkeisenbahn „ Kesslerturm Waldklinik“ and the Keßlervillen: Annenstraße and Sedanstraße (today Karl-Liebknecht-Straße).
„Das Haus am Keßlerturm“, Ilberstedter Straße, opened in 2009, may also be successful in keeping the memory of the Keßler family for generations to come.

To refresh these memories, I initiated a meeting four years ago of all known members of the line Gustav, in Wiesloch, Landgasthof Gänsberg. Of the 59 persons I was able to contact 51 attended. Many knew each other for years, some only from “hear/say” and a few were absolute „new family“.  This meeting turned out to be a hit and inspired Christine Keßler to research, write a chronic about this ancestry-line and organize another meeting, this time in Bernburg in June 2008. Besides a full program Christine had arranged, she presented the first rough draft of the chronic. As you can see, she did not only research the line Gustav Keßler, but contacted and searched back to 1571 and even got contact -thru her article in “Wochenblatt  SuperSonntag“, Bernburg-  to descendants of Theodor Keßler, the brother of Gustav Keßler and  founder of the Keßlerturm.
With intensive engagement and unprecedented precision, using internet, telephone, emails and letters as well as visits in Bernburg, she asked for and compiled documents and information to present this chronic.

Grateful acknowledgement in respect from me and I guess in your name.

Liselotte Keßler


Friedberg, July 25th, 2009